Our history

La Triestina, besides being a modern and avant-garde shop for choice, proposals and signatures, boasts a history that is one hundred years old. A story that began back in 1921 by Filippo, founder of the shop, who together with his wife Maria, called “La Triestina”, arrived in Saronno from the province of Trento in search of fortune. Thus, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, La Triestina takes its first steps into the world of leather goods. Up to the present day, where the company, still strictly family-run, is mentioned in several historical publications and in the Museum of Industry and Trade in Saronese as one of the oldest shops in the city. At the basis of our philosophy we place a service:Assisted Sales” which allows us to advise our numerous, but still unique Customers at best. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount, this translates into the utmost dedication to those who come to visit us.

Offering the best product at the best price.

Saronno storica

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